Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roro Jonggrang

Prabu Baka was the King of the Prambanan kingdom. He had a beautiful daughter named Loro Jonggrang. He was killed in a battle by Bandung Bondowoso, the minister of the Pengging kingdom. He was named after his magic weapon “Bandung

After seeing Loro Jonggrang’s beauty, Bandung fell in love with her and decided to marry her. Unfortunately, Loro Jonggrang didn’t want to marry him. She knew Bandung was the murderer of her father. Then, with the advice of the Patih, Loro Jonggrang accepted Bandung’ proposal on conditions, he could build a thousand temples in one night.
Bandung’s asked his father, Darmamaya, and the king of Pengging for a help. Using their magic of power, they managed to complete 500 temples by midnight. When Loro Jonggrang knew the progress they made, she began to play a trick. She ordered all the girls to pound rice and burn something. As a result, the cocks began to crow and the sky looked red. It was the sign of dawn.
The workers stopped their work. Bandung counted the temples before him. To his surprise, there were only 999. Finally, Bandung found out Loro Jongggrang’s trick. He became very angry and pursed her. She was changed into a statue.